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Ancient Tactics

Designer, flash developer
M.F.A thesis project
This was my M.F.A thesis project. It was an exploration of Western chess and Chinese chess. In the project, I tried to explore three parts of these two board games- history, rules of play, and strategy. I spent a lot of time in the Strategy section. I used XML, PHP to deal with data of the chess notation and Flash to do the visual presentation. It showed the possibility of using infographics in analyzing and representing the game. The visualization was generated from XML and Flash. So far I have only made the visualization for the direction, action and frequency of the pieces' movements. I hope I can explore more in the future if I can get more help from some other information design and database professional.

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Ancient Tactics: landing screen

Ancient Tactics: introduction screen

Ancient Tactics: ancient board games history

Ancient Tactics:main navigation

Ancient Tactics: Chess and Chinese Chess

Ancient Tactics:infographics

Ancient Tactics:infographics

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