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Thank you for taking the time to look at my portfolio. My name is Hung-Che Lin, and my English name is Erich. I am a designer with experience in web and broadcast mediums; specializing in creative concept development, UI design for Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight websites, web standard HTML/CSS websites, illustrations, and pixel art.

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Erich is a German name that I chose when I was in junior high school. Several people have asked me why I chose this name instead of the English name, “Eric.” To make a long story short, it’s difficult to find an English name that sounds similar to my Chinese name. I found “Erich” in my Aunt’s English name dictionary, and I liked it because it combines the English name with the first letter of “Hung”—a combination of West and East. Chinese believe that a good name can bring good luck and fortunes. I believe “Erich” will bring good luck to me.

I was born in Taiwan and came to the U.S.A. in 2004. I majored in Computer Arts: New Media at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco, California. After graduation, I came to Seattle to work at a consulting firm for Microsoft. I create wireframes and design UI for websites and applications. I also work closely with developers to create Silverlight web and WPF applications.

I enjoy working on interactive design and web projects, learning new web and mobile technologies, and working with developers. I think a successful project is a result of teamwork. A strong workflow between a designer and developer is one of the most successful elements.

Outside work, my passions include—but aren’t limited to—design. I enjoy creating pixel art because I think it can help a designer focus on the details of everyday life that can be easily overlooked. I also collect and play board games. Many designers get inspiration from playing board games. I think playing board games help me rethink digital interactive design.

About das ding

Das ding is a German word, which means “the thing.” German philosopher, Immunael Kent, often used this term to mean, “the thing in itself.” Kent meant an existence that is independent of—not connected to—the understanding of man. If you search for this term on the Internet, you will get several definitions. I redefine das ding as “the cause of passion: the passion to design, the passion to improve the quality of daily life, and the desire to create useful things.”

I used das ding as my portfolio name in 2004. It was a pixel art–style website, which I think perfectly complements the name because the pixel is “the thing.” I’ve kept the name for my updated portfolio because it includes examples of my pixel art work, as well as my current work.

Please contact me if you have any questions or project opportunities. You can view and download my resume in the Resume section of my portfolio.

Thanks for your time,

Erich Hung-Che Lin